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Do you want to stop your dog from pulling? Have a think about this...

Louise running comfortably with her dog 'Anna'
Louise running comfortably with one of her dogs 'Anna'

Often I see people coming to class (for dog training or behaviour consults) and see the dogs pulling from the car and then the owner expects them not to pull during class. From a dog’s perspective, how confusing must that be? Ever thought about that? So give yourselves both a break....

1. When training loose lead walking, use a particular collar (or harness) and never let the dog pull while wearing it.

2. When your'e in a hurry or not in the mood for training, use a different collar (or harness), where the dog is allowed to pull and is not reprimanded.

3. Carry the unused equipment with you so that you can swap over when needed.

4. As you and your dog progress, you can reduce the “pulling allowed” equipment. You will be surprised how quickly your dog catches on and how less stressful it will be for you.

- Louise Penfold

RWDA Member and NDTF Qualified Dog Trainer

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