• In and around the ears

  • Around the eyelids

  • Under the collar

  • Under the front legs

  • Between the back legs

  • Between the toes

  • Around and under the tail

  • In the genital area

Ticks can carry diseases that can make people and pets sick. If you find a tick, remove it as soon as possible. If you own a medium to long haired dog it may be wise to consider brushing your dog as part of your post-workout routine. 

Check your dog's nails and paws for soft spots, cracks, blisters, scrapes, cuts or dirt. If there is any sign of injury, check with your veterinarian for care instructions and ensure you have allowed time for your dogs paw/s to properly heal before running again. Also watch for any signs of soreness or limping the day after a run. This will let you know if your dog needs more time for muscles to recover after a run. If there is limping that lasts longer than a day, it's time to head to your vet to make sure the injury isn't serious.


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