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Running with Dogs Australia (RWDA) was started in 2016 when I decided to search for others who shared the same two passions - running and running with dogs!

It wasn't until I lost my second running dog when I suddenly realised how much comfort and joy running alongside a dog really brings. The sadness and loss I felt during this time without my dog by my side led me to creating Running With Dogs Australia. The purpose and drive behind creating RWDA is to bring together a like-minded community of people who enjoy running with their dogs and have as much passion about their furry best friend as I do.

RWDA brings together people so they can share their experiences, tell their stories and ask questions to a community that truly cares about the welfare of dogs. I’ve learnt a lot about running with dogs over the years, from using the right equipment, being aware of weather conditions, to understanding a dogs’ capabilities. By sharing information we can all make running with dogs safer and more enjoyable for all concerned.

RWDA promotes best practice running information to ensure the welfare of you and your dog. There are many ways to get involved with RWDA from sharing information and stories on our Facebook and Instagram page, to becoming a member and being part of this unique community.

There’s a lot of research that proves running can be great for your health. It keeps you fit, reduces the risk of obesity, and is good for your heart and circulation. It can even keep stress away and put you in a good mood. What’s good for you is also great for your dog. It will help them maintain a healthy weight, build muscle and stamina, improve their overall health and most likely reduce your vet bills. Dogs love being outdoors, they love running anytime, anywhere, and there is no better running partner. The joy they bring is infectious.

At Running With Dogs Australia we want to share your stories, your journeys, your triumphs and tribulations, and provide you with a support network when needed. We encourage you to join our community to encourage others to get out and about in our wonderful country with your dog and enjoy all the positive health benefits it brings.

Hints and tips on running gear for both human and canine

“Some days you just need a run with your best friend”

- RWDA Founder Natalie Clarke with Gigi

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