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Once your dog walks nicely on a lead, can follow basic commands, is age appropriate (i.e. has finished growing), and cleared by your veterinarian, you will be ready to start planning your first run.

Some running related commands you may wish to consider teaching your dog are:

Used to keep your dog

by your side.

(Most commonly the left)


Ideal to use after your dog has had a short walk & toilet break. Use this command when it's time to pick up the pace & begin!


Used for dangerous situations

ahead or even during play

or at a road crossing.


Give your dog

directional instruction even

while on walks.

Best used for rounding corners


Use when you want them

to cross a road.

Great for off lead situations


Keep nearby or slow up the pace to be more in line with your own.


Direct your dog to not touch

or go to something. Also useful before or after your dog has

picked up something undesirable


Correction for when your

dog strays in your path.

Can also aid in drawing your dogs attention for correction.

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