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Having the right equipment when you are setting out for a run with your dog is just as important for them, as it is for yourself. In order to ensure you have the correct posture while running we highly recommend you use a well padded good quality harness for them that does not restrict their shoulder movement. The harness connects to a bungee waist leash that sits around your waist. The bungee lead absorbs shock if your dog suddenly pulls you, and being hands free ensures your running mobility isn't compromised and that your dog is comfortable and is not tugged on around the neck. 

When you pull out your dogs dedicated running gear they will come to know that they aren't just going for their normal 'walkies' and this also helps with their toilet and warm up routine before you set out.

We also list other essential items that assist that you may wish to consider for both humans and canine's. Our favourite is a paw barrier wax that forms a breathable bond with your dog's paws (to help protect them if you head out on tough surfaces), compostable poop bags and awesome night gear and much more.

All the items we endorse have been tried and tested by our members and where possible, we prefer to support Australian businesses.

If you would like to reach out to our members to ask them about a particular product then head to our Facebook group.

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