Refer to our recommended equipment to see what type of hands-free lead and harness will suit you and your dog best. It is best to have different equipment for when your dog is heading out for a walk vs. going for a run because they will know instinctively what job you're about to get them to do - and they'll love it! A good quality harness will also ensure your dogs mobility is not restricted and it wont cause chafing. Instead of carrying supplies for your dog, you may wish to choose a harness with an attachable 'dog pack' so that they can do the job for you!

We also list other essential items that assist both humans and canine's during your runs such as a paw barrier wax that forms a breathable bond with your dog's paws (to help protect them if you head out on tough surfaces), compostable poop bags and awesome night gear and much more.

All the items we endorse have been tried and tested by our members and where possible, we prefer to support Australian businesses:​


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